Star Electric Vehicles

Why Star EV?

Best Variety

Star Models

Star EV doesn’t just make the best golf cars, we make the best electric vehicles.

No other provides better…

  • Color options
  • Ability to customize to your specific application
  • Accessories
  • Choose from nearly 40 kinds of Star EV plug-in cars.

Best Performance


Star 48-4L

The other guys will get you a round of golf. We’ll get you on the road with power, performance and safety.

  • And we keep you on the road longer. Our 48-volt cars go up to 60 miles on a full charge!
    • We use the best American drive train in the industry.
    • Trojan batteries, Curtis controllers, and Advanced AC/DC motors.
    • We offer a class-leading 4-year limited warranty on all our golf cars.

Best Value

Star EVs come fully loaded for the price of a competitor’s base model.

  • Our EVs promote fun and functional travel.
  • Drive one today in your neighborhood or around your business for a cleaner, greener way to travel.